Protecting Your Assets

At Bitlet, your assets are our priority. We guard your investments around the clock using innovative security protocols and robust storage systems. With our Bitlet Risk Shield protection plan, you can rest easy knowing your funds are shielded from unforeseen crypto hazards.

What is Bitlet Risk Shield?

The Bitlet Risk Shield is our proprietary reserve fund, stocked by allocating a portion of earnings to insure users against cryptocurrency risks. Currently valued at over $700 million, this fund works hand-in-hand with our industry-leading security system to deliver unmatched asset protection as crypto adoption expands worldwide.

Innovative Cold Storage

Cryptocurrencies enable participation in decentralized networks, but storing assets and private data raises concerns. While encryption technology like SHA-256 and ECDSA is time-tested, safeguarding keys and passwords remains a challenge. Our solution? Offline cold storage wallets disconnected from the internet.

We spearheaded proprietary cold storage techniques to fully secure funds on Bitlet. Multiple encrypted backups, guarded bank vaults and limited access represent just some of our robust measures. Explore our protocols and see how your crypto is shielded with us.

Here's how our cold storage works:

Securing Hot Wallets

Cold storage keeps assets ultra-secure, but exchanges need ready access to funds. That's where hot wallets come in - online storage enabling quick deposits and withdrawals. We engineered proprietary multi-signature protocols so our hot wallets are convenient yet secure.